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Clark Rambo, CEO, Licensed Real Estate Broker

After a successful career in sales and marketing management with multiple national firms, Clark started his own regional distribution company and in 1984 became the master distributor for Banana Boat Suncare products for 13 states and Bermuda. Ten successful years later he sold his business to Playtex Family Products and changed his career direction to assisting start-up firms with marketing and sales. In 2002 after years of investing in commercial properties himself, he decided to help other property investors and became a licensed real estate professional specializing in commercial properties. He first joined Prudential Florida WCI and two years later with his partner, Joe Ginsberg, started a dynamic new firm aligned with national brokerage company Sperry Van Ness. Looking ahead as the market began to change Clark and Joe saw a need to simplify the way commercial realtors and owners presented their properties. In 2007, while Clark and Joe were taking a CCIM course, their idea began to take shape and they made a commitment to launch PropertyBlast.com. Today while Clark still holds his Brokers license and handles a limited number of properties his direction is now focused on helping other commercial real estate professionals. Clark is also very involved in the Southwest Florida community. He serves as a board member of Fort Myers Rotary South, president of Nextep (a local substance abuse recovery safe house), and recently retired from the board of the Boy Scouts of America Southwest Council after three years.  

Joe Ginsberg, CCIM, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Originally from St Louis, Joe started his career in hospitality management with KC Masterpiece BBQ restaurants. He later joined the car sales division of Enterprise Rent –A- Car as sales and finance manager in St Louis, Missouri. Joe moved to Florida in 2003 and launched his real estate career in 2004 with Prudential Florida WCI, where he teamed up with Clark to sell commercial real estate. Joe and Clark formed their own company and affiliated with Sperry Van Ness in 2005. Over the next two years Joe successfully completed his CCIM requirements and received his official designation in October, 2007. Since Joe is very knowledgeable about computer software and development, he led the new firm in developing both PropertyBlast.com and PropertyBlastTools.com. Joe is active in the Local CCIM chapter and devotes his time to the PropertyBlast family of products.

Our Mission

PropertyBlastTools.com and PropertyBlast.com are websites dedicated totally to the commercial real estate market. We conceived the idea for PropertyBlast.com in 2007 after realizing there was no affordable and easy way to deliver property flyers and information quickly to commercial real estate professionals around the country. Today commercial advisors, lenders, owners, agents, and trainers throughout the US, Canada and Central America use these websites daily. In our own brokerage business we discovered that to present another brokers property listing to a client required us to create a whole marketing package with the necessary data allowing our buyer to understand the value of the property being offered. That’s when we decided to create a package of “tools” that would assist commercial real estate professionals easily build quality marketing and financial analysis packages using “plug- and -play” templates. After a year and a half in development PropertyBlastTools.com is now a reality, offering templates for marketing packages, financial analysis, video tours, property websites, demographics, mapping, and more. Our mission is to provide the commercial real estate professional with universal, marketing and analytical tools that are easy to use and understand and readily accessible from an online platform.

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