Frequently Asked questions
1) How much does it cost?

Membership at PropertyBlast Tools is only $159. That’s less than 44 cents per day.

2) How many projects can I create?

There are no limits to the number of projects or marketing packages you can create.

3) What tools are included for $159 per year?

a. Extensive PDF marketing package creator.
b. A dedicated property website with related links including your Marketing Package.
c. Financial Analysis tools including Cash Flow Analysis and Exit/Resale Strategy displaying IRR and NPV
d. Census Demographics
e. Bing maps for property location as well as sales/lease comparables locations.
f. HTML Email marketing / eblasting creator
g. CCIM Glossary of Terms.
h. Unlimited Video tours
i. More tools coming, please check back often.

4) What is a “premium tool”?

A premium tools is a tool we have made available to you that comes with an extra fee over and above your membership fee.

5) What premium tools are available?

a. PropertyBlast Tools has partnered with ESRI to make available more extensive demographics. Each ESRI report is $6
b. More premium tools coming, please check back often.

6) Do I have to download and install software to use PropertyBlast Tools?

There is nothing to install. PropertyBlast Tools is a web based platform.

7) Do you have a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial.

8) Can my entire office use one membership?

A PropertyBlast Tools membership is branded for one single person. Multiple users will require multiple memberships.

9) Do I need to be a broker to use this service.

No, anyone wishing to market or analyze commercial property will find PropertyBlast Tools invaluable.

10) Is email broadcasting / blasting an included tool?

No, email broadcasting / blasting is not an included tool. Property Blast Tools will create an email template quickly which can be used with any third party email broadcasting service as well as your own email system such as Outlook. Blasting the template is not a tool.

11) If I have an account at PropertyBlast Tools, do I get free emails with

No, and are separate companies. PropertyBlast Tools is a publishing program that creates marketing pieces in several formats. is an email broadcasting service which is a pay as you go service.

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